Comparison between underlying MacOS versions

You can run Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X on PowerMac, and you can available Classic environment (Mac OS 9 emulation) on Mac OS X also. It must have great significance to check if there are some performance difference between these underlying OSes or not. Here, compare following reports measured on an identical Macintosh PowerBook G3 hardware:



reportId: BF83CF08 on pure Mac OS 9.2.2
reportId: BF83E56F on Mac OS X 10.2.1 [Classic: Mac OS 9.2.2 emulation]
Naturally, a little slower than the pure MacOS 9 result above.
reportId: BF83F5C1 on pure Mac OS X 10.2.1
A little faster than the classic environment's result above.

Please refer to Legend of result summary list for the meaning of each column in the heading (abbreviated as crt, shw, etc.).

WATANABE Katsuhiro