Comparison between underlying OSes, Win Vista vs Mac

Though your Mac may run on Mac OS ordinarily, you can install Windows Vista on Intel Macs. It must have great significance to check if there are some performance difference between these underlying OSes or not. Here, compare following reports measured on an identical MacBook Pro hardware:

reportId date R Pltfm Clr VW Jun All crt shw ben txr trn vor del
C7BDFA362007Mar125unix24Pre 7.5 7305.


reportId: C7B8B815 on Win Vista Ultimate
reportId: C7BDFA36 on MacOS X

Remember VW7.4.1 is adopted on Vista and VW Pre-RELEASE 7.5 (midway in development) is adopted on MacOX X, because you don't have VW7.4.1 for Intel Mac. This inconsistency may or may not have some effects on the measurements above.

Please refer to Legend of result summary list for the meaning of each column in the heading (abbreviated as crt, shw, etc.).

WATANABE Katsuhiro